Magazines: a storytelling tool

How does Strategyminds work? Tell us your story, and we'll tell the world. Storytelling is created through a strong editorial concept, an appealing design, high-impact stories, and intriguing images.

Think printed magazines are a bit old school? Quite the contrary! Despite – or maybe even because of – the digitalization of our society, printed magazines are still highly valued and read frequently. Strategyminds makes both interactive digital magazines as well as printed ones. Thanks to reader surveys and analytics (digital monitoring), we have a good insight into audience’s reading behaviours, conversion, and brand influence. That goes for both paper as well as digital magazines, both of which offer organizations a unique platform for storytelling. Custom media with exclusive content allow you to achieve an impact among your target audience in a credible, big way.

More and more companies are choosing to keep control over their own content strategy as much as possible, which includes becoming their own ‘publisher’. This is fully in line with the times we live in: people value stories over short advertising messages. But the stories have to be real. Real stories are what make your brand.

Print magazines

Digitale magazines

The choice between a printed magazine (which nowadays is often printed digitally) or an online magazine often depends on your message, your goals, your target audience, and the position of the magazine within your communication system. One is not necessarily better than another. Some of our clients choose to have both a digital and printed version or to alternate between online and offline publications. The benefit of an online magazine is that the content isn’t limited to just text and images, as you can also use motion graphics and video. Reader engagement and conversion are also easier to measure with an online magazine. We work with advanced features that enable us to monitor and analyse the reading and navigation behaviour of the readers, increase the response, and adjust the content strategy constantly. However, a printed magazine is generally rated more highly, is read for longer periods of time, and contributes more to brand awareness. We would like to help you compare the different options to find the best media for you.

Everyone has an idea of what a printed magazine entails. But with digital magazines, there are so many more options. Forget a simple PDF file, which is really only a digital version of a printed magazine. Strategyminds works with an advanced web-based magazine tool. The magazine can be customized to fit your house style and corporate identity. Our designers know all the ins and outs of the system, which means that we can give each and every client their own distinctly personalized magazine. You can have an instant interactive and full-screen publication where images, text, animation, and full-screen videos all flow together perfectly. Other built-in features include dynamic content such as RSS feeds, social media posts, forms, and the option to personalize and distil specific engagement and other reports for online marketing purposes. And everything we create is perfectly suited to being viewed and read on any device.

This system allows us to not only make digital magazines, but also annual reports, newsletters, white papers, company presentations, and other online content.

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